Importerts & Exporters of Hardware, handtools, safety products, welding equipments, building material and Power tools

SAS Tools is committed to provide solutions to the industry. By partnering with worldclass manufacturers across various product categories, we strive to offer a complete range of high quality industrial products. By maintaining reLationships built on quaLity, service and reLiabiLity, we have been a trusted resource for a Large cross-section of customers over the past 20years.

From projects such as construction of the world's tallest tower - Burj Khalifa, fitting out various 5 Star hotels, supplies to oil refineries in Abu Dhabi, suppLies of tools & equipment to contractors serving the armed forces, to the maintenance of the Dubai Metro, we have the capability of servicing varied industrial requirements.

Listed here are the main customer segments that we focus on. In many cases, we provide a segment-focused customized solution in terms of product mix and service.

* DSI                                 * DUBAL

* ARABTECH                    * GULF ENGINEERING

* PUNJLOYD                     * TARGET ENGINEERING

* DODSAL                        * AL HATBOOR ENGINEERING 

* ADNOC                          * FEDERAL TRANSFORMERS

* GULFAR                        * LINSUN GENERAL CONTRACTING 

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